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Rob V

I have been checking out various self hosted blogging platforms that use markdown for content with a view to starting a blog. Hugo is my choice, here is a short write up about my experiences. I have settled on hugo, a static website generator written in the go programming language.

Blogging platforms

Various blogging platforms were researched, ghost, wordpress, phile and a few others including a custom Angular with Firebase backend solution. I may write more about that in the future.

  • Wordpress seemed nice but too complicated for my needs.
  • Phile is nice and simple maybe a little too simple and it seems has not been updated for a while.
  • Angular is a javascript frontend framework and Firebase is a web application platform with document storage and authentication among its features. They work very well together but I spent more time building a system than writing about it so I’ve put it on hold for the moment.
  • Hugo is easy to install, easy to use and so far seems very comprehensive for my needs.


In the end I decided on hugo. It is written in go, a modern language written by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Those last two names may sound familiar, they were both creators of UNIX.

With hugo I’ve headed in the opposite direction from using Angular. Rather than a single page app with lots of javascript fetching data from the server dynamically, a hugo generated site is static, pre-compiled ready for serving.

The advantages for me are:

  • Portability, moving the blog should be a simple matter of moving the content markdown files.
  • No server side code or database needed.
  • Written in go, a language I have been using a little recently. Mostly to process text/csv files ready for importing to a database.
  • Simple to tweak look and functionality, starting with a new theme it is very easy to create a simple website with the desire look.
  • Easy to deploy, simply copy the generated files to your web server.
  • Probably more positive reasons, I may mention below.

This site is generated by hugo, I will put the code on github if anyone is interested.

That’s all for now.



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